Push Pull Cables

Push Pull Cable Usage Guidelines

Do NOT adjust any cable length (i.e.: turning the ball joint or spherical rod end bearing or clevis) unless all power sources, engines, motors, etc are turned OFF.
Cables wear out. Avoid putting cables in applications where a failure to operate would cause serious injury, death, or loss of significant operator control of the machine or vehicle. Maximize cable life by using larger cable sizes, shorter lengths, few degrees of bends, low loads, minimal exposure to the elements, etc.
Use physical stops in your cable system to make it physically impossible to exceed the load rating or travel rating of the cable.
If the cable loses efficiency (i.e.: becomes difficult to move), replace the cable IMMEDIATELY.
Dirt, contaminants, temperature, moister, and cycles of use, ALL affect cable life. Avoid exposing the cable to gasoline, oil, fuels of any kind including diesel, biodiesel, water, dirt, fertilizer, road salt, and chemicals of any kind.

Do NOT attempt to remove the seals and lubricate the cable by any means.
If the cable becomes frozen, or has been frozen with moisture inside of it, the cable MUST be replaced. Do NOT attempt to thaw or dry out cables.
Do NOT remove the seals or boots provided with the cable. If damaged, kindly replace.
Do NOT attempt to modify or repair a cable.
Do NOT Paint and/ or Pressure wash the cable.
Avoid excessive cable bends. This reduces Overall cable efficiency. To get stated service life, use bending radius greater than the minimum bending radius of a particular cable.
While the cable is being installed, ensure that the inner cable is not twisted along its axis. The twist will result in excessive force on the cable and will reduce the efficiency.
Please take care of following things while general handling/ Usage.

Do not put any load/ weight on the end fittings at the open end of the cable , especially on the swivelling end while being stored.
Do not let the outer conduit to be squeezed/ compressed by any means. It will reduce the gap between inner and outer member and eventually damage the cable while being in use.
Always inspect the outer conduit for damaged external jacket ( extruded plastic jacket). If damaged, this will facilitate the inner armoured wires to get exposed to outside atmosphere, which may cause rusting of cable. The rupturing of jacket may cause due to spilling of acid. Burn, or a heavy cut on the surface of cable.
While adjusting accessories fitted on end rod, make sure that end rod is securely held and its all degrees of freedom are locked.

Push Pull Cables

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